SPIT-IEEE Colloquium 2007-2008


The workshops were aimed to provide an informal setting for participants to discuss advanced technical topics in Mobile Computing, Information Security and Data Mining, involve experts in the field, allow for dissemination of work in progress, and promote new ideas. These are designed to complement, not compete with, the mission of SPIT-IEEE. The Colloquium Workshop were arranged to emphasize emerging ideas, concepts or technologies that are currently too nascent or too interdisciplinary for a full symposium, and aims to bring together experts on a subject to create a report, white-paper or proposal requiring interactive work sessions.

Workshop Topics

1) Data Warehousing and Mining

This workshop was designed to provide a comprehensive overview of data warehousing and data mining techniques as applied to improve business performance and organizational effectiveness. The participants got an opportunity to discuss the concepts and techniques that address the issues and challenges faced by them in their respective domains. The workshop was a good blend of classroom discussions, group discussions amongst the participants, demonstration and hands-on.

Speaker Profile : Neeraj Sharma

IT exposure of 7 years in software development and testing spread over protocol testing framework development, optical network device testing, IBM Rational software modeling tools (Rational Rose, Rational Rose RealTime, Rational Software Architect), databases and data warehouses. He has an engineering graduate in electronics and communication with masters in software systems. He has published technical papers in national and international conferences. He is co-authored a Redbook on "Global Development and Delivery" and currently holding two file rated patents.

2) Information Security Outlook - Compilation On its Need & Details on Network Security Authentication Schemes

The Workshop was intended as an international forum for researchers in all areas of information security and information hiding like cryptography, steganography, security engineering etc.

Speaker Profile : Sandeep R. Patil

Sandeep R Patil has been working with IBM for the past 8 years, focusing on distributed technology including Distributed Computing Environment, SARPC, and network security products such as the IBM Network Authentication Service. He is currently developing new features and implementing security-related RFC for the IBM Network Authentication Service. He has a special liking for Kerberos network authentication protocol. He has authored several network security related articles for IBM developerWorks forum and also has filed few patents in this area.

3) Embedded System, RTOS

This workshop was designed to make the participants understand the conceptual framework necessary to create embedded, real time, multitasking applications with built-in reliability. The emphasis of the workshop was on the design and development of an embedded application, understanding system design issues & embedding of RTOS into an application.

Speaker Profile:

Session - I
Real Time Simulator - Prof. Dr. Mukul C Chandorkar, IIT-Bombay
Session - II
Symbian OS for Mobile Phones - Mr. Vinod Vijayarajan - Symbian Software India Private Limited, Bangalore
Session - III
ARM Processors and Real Time OS - Mr. Nilanjan - Wipro, Mumbai
Session - IV
RTLinux - Project Staff IIT-Bombay