SPIT-IEEE Colloquium 2007-2008

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Invited Talk : VM to CM Transformation by Dr. T.S Rathore

Following is a list of all the contributed papers that appear in the Electronic Proceedings of the SPIT-IEEE Colloquium and International Conference. Each listing includes the paper's title and author's name(s). Underneath each listing, links to the paper (in Adobe PDF format) can be found.

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Papers in Category : Image Processing

3 Dimensional Surface Extraction And Visualization
Shah, M.M.. ; Gupta, Rinki. ;
SPIT-42 Full Text: PDF

A Neuro-Fuzzy Approach for 3D Object Detection and Extraction
Dasgupta, Kousik. ; Bhattacharyya, Siddhartha. ; Dutta, Paramartha. ;
SPIT-218 Full Text: PDF

A Novel Human Identification System using Iris Pattern Recognition
Patil, B.G.. ; Subbaraman, S.. ; Sen, Kaushik. ; Palwe, Dipak R.. ;
SPIT-295 Full Text: PDF

A Study on various Histogram Equalization Techniques to Preserve the Brightness for Gray Scale and Color Images
P, Babu. ; K, Balasubramanian. ;
SPIT-7 Full Text: PDF

Adaptive Image Watermarking Using Support Vector Regression
Chapaneri, Santosh V.. ;
SPIT-71 Full Text: PDF

An automatic facial expression, pose and illumination Analysis
Kazi, I.T. ;
SPIT-139 Full Text: PDF

Analysis And Inference Of E.M.G. Using F.F.T.
Sawarkar, K.G.. ;
SPIT-43 Full Text: PDF

Analysis Of Covariance Based Face Recognition Algorithms
Gandhe, S.T.. ; Keskar, A.G.. ;
SPIT-51 Full Text: PDF

Appraise of SPIT problem
Kekre, H. B.. ; Thepade, Sudeep D.. ;
SPIT-169 Full Text: PDF

Automatic Geometric Registration of Satellite Images for Correcting Rotation Distortion
Devmane, Vidyullata Sawant. ; Bhosle, Udhav. V.. ; Khade, R.H.. ;
SPIT-219 Full Text: PDF

Binary Tree Based Fast Search Algorithm For Closest Codevector In The Codebook For Vector Quantization
Kekre, H. B.. ; Sarode, Tanuja K.. ;
SPIT-52 Full Text: PDF

Blemish detection in citrus fruits
Khan, Abdul Malik. ; Paplinski, Andrew P.. ;
SPIT-171 Full Text: PDF

Breast Cancer Malignancy Identification Using Jordan Method
Sawarkar, Sudhir D.. ; Kadu, Rajesh D.. ; Pande, Amol P.. ;
SPIT-26 Full Text: PDF

Burrow Wheeler's Transform For Efficient RLE Compression Applied to Audio Files
Shah, Harsh. ; Sane, Chinmay. ; Sheth, Swapnil. ; Talele, K.T.. ;
SPIT-46 Full Text: PDF

Classification Of EEG Signals Based On Neural Network to Discriminate Five Mental States
Khare, Vijay. ; Santhosh, Jayashree. ; Anand, Sneh. ;
SPIT-29 Full Text: PDF

Compound Markov Random Field Model Based Video Segmentation
Subudhi, Badri Narayan. ; Nanda, Pradipta Kumar. ;
SPIT-82 Full Text: PDF

Content Based Image Color Image Retrieval :Wavelets
Latha, Y.M.. ; Jinaga, B.C.. ; Reddy, V.S.K.. ;
SPIT-134 Full Text: PDF

Content Based Image Retrieval using Contourlet Sub-band Decomposition
Rao, Ch. Srinivasa. ; Kumar, S.Srinivas. ;
SPIT-122 Full Text: PDF

Converting Gray-Scale Image to Color Image
Haldankaer, Govind. ; Tikare, Atul. ; Patil, Jayprabha. ;
SPIT-148 Full Text: PDF

Developing Fuzzy Inference System for Accessing Quality of Distorted Images
De, Indrajeet. ; Sil, Jaya. ;
SPIT-291 Full Text: PDF

Digital ECG and its Analysis
Arora, Vidur. ; Chugh, Rahul. ; Gagneja, Abhishek. ; Pujari, K.A.. ;
SPIT-6 Full Text: PDF

Digital Signal Type Identification Using Efficient Identifier And Neural Networks
Khurshid, A. A.. ; Gokhale, A.P.. ; Kshirsagar, R.V.. ;
SPIT-32 Full Text: PDF

Discrete Cosine Transformer for Facial Expression Recognition Using Support Vector Machine
Kharat, G.U.. ; Dudul, S.V.. ;
SPIT-132 Full Text: PDF

E-Learning tool for DSP
Dharmadhikari, V. B.. ; Loni, D.Y.. ;
SPIT-253 Full Text: PDF

Efficient Hybrid Search for Motion Estimation
Jayaswal, Deepak J.. ; Zaveri, Mukesh. ;
SPIT-128 Full Text: PDF

Efficient image Compressions and transmission using SPECK
Chopde, N.B.. ; Ghatol, A.A.. ; Kolte, M.T.. ;
SPIT-131 Full Text: PDF

Extracting Minutiae From Fingerprint Images Using Image Inversion and Bi-Histogram Equalization
K, Balasubramanian. ; P, Babu.. ;
SPIT-49 Full Text: PDF

Fracture Detection Using Euler Numbers
Sawant, Amrapali. ; Shinde, Amita. ; Talele, K.T.. ;
SPIT-279 Full Text: PDF

Identification of Dynamic Objects in Video Streams for Multimedia Mining
L, Vibha. ; Hegde, Chetana. ; J, Prashanth S. ; Shenoy, P Deepa. ; R, Venugopal K. ; Patnaik, L M. ;
SPIT-154 Full Text: PDF

Image Blending in Vista Creation Using Kekre's LUV Color Space
Kekre, H. B.. ; Thepade, Sudeep D.. ;
SPIT-40 Full Text: PDF

Image Denoising Using Curvelet Transform
Naik, Priti. ; Bhatia, Shalini. ;
SPIT-100 Full Text: PDF

Image Enhancement Techniques Pixel Operation In Spatial Domain
Rajadnya, Kirti. ; Talele, K.T.. ;
SPIT-136 Full Text: PDF

Image Segmentation Using SUSAN Edge Detector
Dighe, Devidas D.. ; Chopade, J.J.. ; Bhale, N.L.. ;
SPIT-60 Full Text: PDF

Image Stitching And Mosaicing
Kaul, K.. ; Mirwani, R.. ; Sethi, T.. ; Roja, M.. ;
SPIT-23 Full Text: PDF

Iris Detection Based On Principal Component Analysis Eigen Irises
Theckedath, Dhananjay. ;
SPIT-48 Full Text: PDF

Modified Fractal Image Compression Using Genetic Algorithms
Kasambe, P.V.. ; Patel, Mohsin. ;
SPIT-120 Full Text: PDF

Performance Analysis of Codeword Histogram & Spatial Moments for Signature Recognition
Kekre, H. B.. ; Bharadi, V A. ;
SPIT-99 Full Text: PDF

Performance Evaluation of Wavelet Filters for Image Compression Using SPHIT
Patil, S.M.. ; Talbar, S.N.. ;
SPIT-55 Full Text: PDF

Racial Inconsistency in Face Recognition
Kinage, Kishor S. ; Bhirud, S.G.. ;
SPIT-56 Full Text: PDF

Recognition and Editing Of Devnagari Handwriting Using Neural Network
Rajput, K. Y.. ; Mishra, Sangeeta. ;
SPIT-54 Full Text: PDF

Reliable Video Mosaic using fast Result Oriented-Variable Shape Search motion estimation
Rane, K.P.. ; Bhirud, S.G.. ; Firke, O.K.. ;
SPIT-135 Full Text: PDF

Scalable Video Coding and Applications
Narkhede, N.S.. ; Prasad, Ramesh. ;
SPIT-83 Full Text: PDF

Statistical Analysis of Wavelet Coefficients of Sural Nerve Conduction Signal in Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Patients
Godse, M.J.. ; Jog, N.K.. ;
SPIT-129 Full Text: PDF

Thin Plate Splines in registration of various Deformed images
Moghe, Asmita A. ; Singh, Indrajeet. ; Singhai, Jyoti. ; Shrivastava, S.C. ;
SPIT-196 Full Text: PDF

Video Shot Boundary Detection
Adhikari, Priyadarshinee. ; Gargote, Neeta. ; Digge, Jyothi. ; Warhade, Krishna. ;
SPIT-64 Full Text: PDF

Virtual City Tour Using GIS
Chakraborty, Shubham. ; Calangutkar, Ranjit. ; Devadkar, Kailas. ;
SPIT-105 Full Text: PDF

Watermark Logo in Digital Image Using DWT
Madane, Amol R.. ; Talele, K.T.. ; Shah, M.M.. ;
SPIT-101 Full Text: PDF