Alumni Testimonials

Batch of 2008

Mr. Rohit Bhat

rohit_bhatStudying in the electronics department of S.P.I.T., under the tutelage of professors like Dr. Rathod, Dr. Rao, Parmar Sir, Bhagat Sir, Dr. Gharpure, proved to be a great stepping stone for me in the field of electronics. The coursework in VLSI, digital design and computer architecture, coupled with the invaluable hands-on experience gained while working on interesting projects, solidified my fundamentals and helped me smoothly transition into the Master’s of Science program in VLSI Design at North Carolina State University, Raleigh, USA.  I currently work in the industry, in the field of ASIC verification wherein I have to put to use, all that I have learned in both, my undergraduate and graduate studies, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the excellent start to the journey at S.P.I.T.

Higher Education: North Carolina State University
Present Employment : NVIDIA, USA

Batch of 2012

Mr. Henil Langalia

henil_lSardar Patel Institute of technology is an excellent platform for budding engineers. My final year project in VLSI and publication in conference ICCICT2012 which was held at S.P.I.T. had given me an opportunity to become IC design engineer.


Higher Education: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Previous Employment : Cadence Design Systems
Present Employment : Digital IC Design Engineer at Analog Devices, San Diego, California, USA

Ms. Deepa Kalelkar

deepa_kThe learning environment is excellent at electronics engineering department. Teachers teach fundamental concepts very well. The concepts learned during undergraduate studies are still helpful during Masters studies at Berkley.


Higher Education: Pursuing Master of Science (M.S.), Operations Research at University of California, Berkeley
Previous Employment : Siemens

Batch of 2013

Mr. Virendra Prarab

virendra_parabI had a wonderful life in this alma mater that I cherish life long. The exposure I had is really fantastic. The interaction with the well -experienced faculties will be helpful to understand subjects. Professors are encouraging students to think and implement new technology. The personal as well as the academic life which I had with my colleagues, seniors and juniors are good memories now. Because of learning I got at S.P.I.T. it was possible for me to get direct admission into integrated Ph.D. at IISc Bengaluru after B.E.

Higher Education: Ph.D. research scholar at Flexible Electronics Lab at IISc Bengaluru

Ms. Sanskruti Naik

sanskruti_naikBeing a student of Electronics Engineering Dept. at S.P.I.T. has stimulated my scholastic endeavours. The Department offered an excellent academic environment with a number of co-curricular opportunities which helped me make a smooth transition to graduate curriculum in the United States. It was an absolute honor to learn along with such a great blend of brilliant minds who shall continue to inspire.

Higher Education: Master of Science, Computer Systems and Networking, North Carolina State University, Class of 2016
Present Employment : Systems Design Engineer, Qualcomm, San Diego, CA

Mr. Jayesh Bali

jayesh_baliS.P.I.T. Electronics gave me an experience that I will never forget. Here, I had the opportunity to do everything that I could ever dream of and more. I got to challenge myself by working on different projects and competitions outside the curriculum, participating in college festivals, and participating in various sports activities. This helped me develop my time management and leadership skills and I felt well prepared when I entered the corporate world. All of this would not have been possible without the support and guidance of the wonderful and experienced faculty at the college who always encouraged me.

Present Employment : Technology Analyst , Credit Suisse

Mr. Nimish Agashiwala

nimish_aThe Electronics department regularly organized training workshops and competitions during my study. One of the notable was Texas Instruments Analog Design Contest which has helped me a lot during my internship and M.S. program.


Higher Education: University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Present Employment : Graphics Hardware Engineer at Intel Corporation, Folsom, California

Ms. Aditi Samant

aditi_samantBeing in S.P.I.T. in Electronics Department was a wonderful experience to be cherished for a lifelong. Fundamentals learned during the study at S.P.I.T. helped me a lot for my Masters at University of Sourthern California. I am confident that with the new subjects like Analog CMOS VLSI Design, ASIC Verification and MEMS introduced in the syllabus, electronics department students will achieve greater heights in future.

Higher Education:University of Southern California, Electrical Enginerring, VLSI Design
Present Employment : CPU Design Engineer at Intel Corporation, Hudson, Massachusetts

Batch of 2014

Mr. Ninad Jadhav

ninda_jadhavIt was an honor to have studied in Electronics Department, S.P.I.T. Studying here helped me develop academically, professionally and socially. My professors mentored me to build a strong base of knowledge which was helpful in all walks of life. Technologically updated labs helped me to practically verify my knowledge and apply it to my projects. Activities like Robocon gave me a platform to apply my knowledge on practical systems and further improve my understanding of concepts in fields of circuit design, embedded programming, industrial design, control systems and many more. Working in Robocon also taught team work, time and financial management, which is useful in today’s competitive industry. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) in S.P.I.T helped in understanding concept of company formation, patenting and various start-up related issues, I am sure this will be helpful in my future.Regular talks and seminars from academicians and industry experts kept me motivated through out my course. The time I spend in S.P.I.T. were some of the golden years of my life.

Higher Education: M.Tech in Electronic Systems Engineering from IISc Bengaluru in 2016
Present Employment : Hardware Engineer, Nvidia Graphics Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

Mr. Mukund Jadhav

mukund_jadhavI think the facilities, environment and the resources herein Electronics Department are much better than other Institutes. The faculty is always there to help. It is also a better learning environment. Apart from Academics, we are also encouraged to participate in different events and competitions. It all helped in augmenting my knowledge and made me a better person. Now I have received admit from Hochshule Darmstadt (Germany) in Automation major which I will be joining soon.

Present Employment : Engineer at Johnson Controls (India) Private Limited

Mr. Manish Jain

manish_jainTo become a professional engineer, We need to have practical experience of theoretical concepts and I think SPIT-electronics department provided me with those facilities which are currently helping me to excel in my professional life. The faculty is very supportive and provides a constant encouragement for pushing ourselves beyond the limits. Even the infrastructural facilities in the department provided me exposure to industrial tools. I am proud to be associated with such institute. I thank my department whole heartedly for guiding me to build a successful professional career. I have received the admit from TU Darmstadt in Germany for Information & Communication Engineering major. Thanks for your support and word of encouragement.

Present Employment : Mitsubishi Electric Automation

Mr. Kartik Haria

kartik_hS.P.I.T. provides a great learning experience. Institute has experienced faculty and very good infrastructure. I still remember the days when we executed our project. We have worked late nights to complete the work and everyone in the department supported us. The environment in the institute is very competitive.

Present Employment : Sr. Engineer at Johnson Controls

Batch of 2015

Ms. Brinda N. Sevak

brinda_sevakI would like to start by saying that it was great studying at Electronics Department of S.P.I.T. We got innumerable opportunities to show our talents and versatility at the college, be it technical or cultural. The competitions and workshops held for us, helped us in learning Electronics practically as well as implementing the theoretical concepts, thus making us technically sound. Being part of the different organising committees also helped in the overall development as an individual. These different opportunities i.e. Projects, Seminars, Workshops, Events have helped in shaping the way we work today in the industry.

Present Employment : Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd.

Ms. Ipsita Bhattacharya

ipsita_bMy experience as a student in the Electronics Engineering Department of Sardar Patel Institute of Technology was really good. All the professors and staff are very helpful and supportive. I didn’t go for any external classes throughout my engineering career, primarily because all my doubts were solved by the professors. As a result, I saved on time and utilized it to study more which helped me pass all the examinations with flying colours. Also, the department is very supportive in co-curricular activities like inter-college & intra-college project competition, technical paper presentation, internship and much more.

Present Employment : Credit Suisse