Innovative Teaching Learning Practices

Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Title Class Sem
1 Dr. S.S. Rathod Virtual lab visit and live demo for Electronic Device course S.E III
2 Prof. G. T. Haldankar Discussion forum created on MOODLE for two experiments. S.E III
3 Prof. P. V. Kasambe Case Study Presentation cum Implementation S.E. IV
4 Prof. P. V. Kasambe Virtual Laboratory to perform experiments on Electronics Circuits and Systems S.E. IV
5 Prof. P. V. Kasambe Virtual Lab developed by Amrita Vishwa Vidyalya (Vlab) for conducting labs on Semiconductor material characterization techniques. B.E. VII
6 Prof. Priya Deshpande Hardware demos for Microcontroller Laboratory S,E. IV
7 Prof. Priya Deshpande Report on Debate/ Group Discussion for ISE Evaluation S,E. IV
8 Prof. N. A. Bhagat Use of pen tab for teaching F.E. I & II
9 Prof. N. A. Bhagat Network Theory/Digital Circuits/VLSI LECTURES with table TOP Mobile capturing the A4 page video online. SE III
10 Prof. Najib Ghatte Signal System lecture on Pentab and Demonstration session on Smart TV TE V
11 Dr.D.C.Karia Use of pen tab for teaching with resource sharing via Google Classrooms, Moodle TE, BE VI, VII


    1. How to improve laboratory experiences in engineering education Video by Dr. S. S. Rathod
    2. CMOS Analog VLSI Design Course Videos by Dr. S. S. Rathod
    3. Electrical Machines Videos by Prof. G. T. Haldankar
    4. Basic Electrical & Electronics by Prof. G.T. Haldankar
    5. Prelab Videos for Instrumentation & Control Laboratory Using Siemens PLCS71500 and VFD Sinamic G120C by Prof. Prashant Kasambe
    6. Courses and Blog by Dr. S. S. Rathod on Moodle
    7. Courses and Blog by Prof. K. T. Talele on Moodle
    8. Dr. Surendra Rathod used Wacom Tablet to teach students in an innovative manner.
    9. Dr. Deepak Karia made use of Innovative tools for Formative and Summative Assessment
      • Quia for conducting online quiz
      • Use of Plickers for Formative assesment
    10. Prof. Kiran Talele made effective use of Moodle for creating course and encouraged students to write blog on the subject. All students showed enormous response for this activity.
    11. Prof. Prashant Kasambe encouraged Activity based Learning to make use of open source tools in his MEMS Lab
    12. Prof. Priya Chimurkar made use of GradeMe Software for evaluation designed by Eduvance
    13. Prof. Pawankumar Fakatkar created Moodle page for his courses and encouraged students to utilize Moodle Android App to implement flip classroom activity.
      He also encouraged implemented activity based learning in his subject Robotics (for teaching Image Processing and BUG Algorithms)
    14. MATLAB live script for interactive learning by Prof. Pawankumar Fakatkar (Please login as guest)
    15. Learning Material for Outcome based Education
    16. Learning Material for Machine learning and Data Science
    17. Learning Material for VLSI Design using Cadence Tools