The Electronics Students Association (ESA) organizes a range of activities throughout the year. Its technical paper-presentation contests, sports events and cultural activities are marked by active participation. Guest lectures by eminent personnel from industry are also conducted. Our students from Electronics Department were ranked third at the national level robotics competition in “Robocon 2005″ and they put up a good performance in 2006, 2007 and 2008 as well.

Students are constantly motivated to take up challenging tasks and engage in practical problem solving. They actively participate in the events conducted by organizations like the IEEE and update their knowledge in the field of their interest.


ESA activities


Sr. No Event Organized Event Date Event Description Usage No of Student
1 Monsoon Trek to Tikona 5th Aug 2017

An adventurous outing undertaken by ESA in collaboration with IETE



2 Basics with Calculator 16th Aug 2017

A 2 hour workshop conducted for F.E.s to introduce them to the scientific calculator, its intricacies and applications

Introduction to Engineering tools


3 Photography Competition 18th Aug 2017

Undertaken to bring the creative side on display. Three best entries were given goodies

Creative skills


4 Teacher’s Day Celebration 5th Sept 2017

Celebrated in honor of all the teachers and appreciating them for their vital contribution

Moral responsibility


5 LaTeX workshop 29th Sept 2017

A workshop On Latex, an important software used for project documentation (especially for TEs)

Introduction to Documentation


6 Troubleshooting Competition 27th Oct 2017

Exclusively for the T.E.s, the competition had 3 phases, to test the debugging capability of the participants

Debugging capabilities


7 Mini Project 1 Competition 10th Nov 2017

A chance to encourage the students’ innovative ideas

Project Competition


8 T-shirt designing 20th Jan 2018

An intrabranch contest aims at designing the departmental T-shirt

Creative skills


9 Certificate distribution 25th Jan 2018

A token of appreciation for the Troubleshooting Competition and Mini Project 1 winners



10 Mini Project 2 (Assistants) 15th Feb 2018

A chance for F.E.s and S.E.s to understand the working of Action Research Projects

Exposure to Projects


11 AVR produino Workshop 23rd – 24th Mar 2018

A workshop to introduce the power of AVR microcontrollers to F.E.s in collaboration with IR cell

Introduction to Engineering Tools


12 EQ seminar 23rd Mar 2018

A seminar to educate, especially the T.E.s about Resume making and how to survive in the corporate world

Introduction to Engineering Tools


13 BE Farewell 13th Apr 2018

An event to give the final year students a memorable send-off and celebrate their last days in the department



14 Mini Project 2 Competition 18th May 2018

An event in collaboration with the Electronics dept. and IR cell to encourage innovative ideas

Project Competition


15 MATLAB Workshop 19th – 20th May 2018

Especially for the T.E. pass outs to introduce them to the various libraries of MATLAB and their possible usage in their final year project.

Exposure to upcoming technologies


16 ECHO Magazine 20th May 2018

An annual departmental magazine where exclusive interviews and achievements of students are published






Sr. No.

Event Organized

Event Date

Event Description


No. of Student


1 Monsoon Trek 13th Aug 2016 The trek was organised to Visapur fort. Bonding/fun activity


2 Circuit Simulation Workshop 2nd Nov 2016 Introduction to open source tools for cicuit simulation like LTSpice Allow students to design and simulate their own circuits


3 Diya Painting for Charity 21st Oct 2016 150 diyas were painted and gifted to underprivileged children to light up their homes for Diwali. Charity activity


4 Project Internship 8th Oct 2016 Second year students were allowed to work on the projects of third year students to help them gain experience and develop their own ideas for future projects Enable students to get non-compulsory but beneficial practical experience


5 Patent Drafting Workshop 30th Nov 2016 Information was given on how to draft patents, apply for them and the channels through which a patent can be filed for Inform about patent drafting


6 Photography Competition 4th Oct 2016 A mosaic photography competition Encourage creative talents


7 Project Competition 17th Nov 2016 Display and present technical projects Appreciate students’ efforts and encourage further work


8 Branch T-Shirt Competition 15th Jan 2017 Competition for designing the T-shirt of Electronics Department Encourage creative talents


9 Seminar on Higher Education in Germany 6th Jan 2017 Talk on master’s and employment opportunities in Germany Inform about study options in countries other than USA