RG_SutarDr. Rajendra Sutar
Designation:  Associate Professor
Qualification: Ph.D. (VNIT Nagpur)
Experience: 22 Years
Expertise: Power Electronics, Instrumentation
Email: rajendra_sutar@spit.ac.in Phone: (022) – 69846900 EXT: 9950


Dr. Deepak C Karia
Designation: Associate Professor
Qualification: Ph.D. Electronics (V.J.T.I., Mumbai)
Experience: 20 Years
Expertise:Wireless & Mobile Communication, Networking
Email: deepak_karia@spit.ac.in Phone: (022) – 69846900 EXT: 915


Prof. K. T. Talele
Designation: Associate Professor & Dean-Students, Alumni and External Relations
Qualification: M.E. (Pursuing Ph.D.)
Experience: 27 Years
Expertise: Digital signal processing, Image, audio,
video Processing, Machine Vision
Email: ktvtalele@spit.ac.in Phone: (022) – 69846900 EXT: 951


N_BhagatProf. N.A. Bhagat
Designation: Associate Professor
Qualification: M.E. (Pursuing Ph.D.)
Experience: 22 Years
Expertise: Digital Design, Network Analysis,
Electronic Circuit Design, IP, VLSI
Email:narendra_bhagat@spit.ac.in Phone: (022) – 69846900 EXT: 953


Dr. P. V. Kasambe
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification:  Ph.D. (Fr. CRCE, University of Mumbai)
Experience: 22 Years
Expertise: Control Sys, Instrumentation, Linear IC, MEMS
Email: prashant_kasambe@spit.ac.in Phone: (022) – 69846900 EXT: 955


Prof. Payal Shah
Designation: Assistant Professor
Experience: 16 Years
Qualification: ME. (Pursuing Ph.D.)
Expertise: Electronic Devices & Circuits, Control System, Artificial Intelligence
Email: payal_shah@spit.ac.in Phone: (022) – 69846900 EXT: 956


manishaProf. Manisha Bansode
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.E. (Pursuing Ph.D.)
Experience: 13 Years
Expertise: Communication Engineering
Email: manisha_bansode@spit.ac.in Phone: (022) – 69846900 EXT: 956


Prof. G. T. Haldankar
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.E.
Experience: 10 Years
Expertise: BEE, Power Electronics, Electronic Circuit Design
Email: g_haldankar@spit.ac.in Phone: (022) – 69846900 EXT: 958


Priya_DeshpandeProf. Priya Deshpande
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Tech. (Pursuing Ph.D.)
Experience: 09 Years
Expertise: Signal and Image Processing, Circuit Theory, Microprocessors
Email: priya.chimurkar@spit.ac.in Phone: (022) – 69846900 EXT: 955


Prof. Najib Ghatte
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.E. (Electronics)
Experience: 09 Years
Expertise: Analog Electronics, Control Systems, Signals and Systems, Instrumentation
Email: najib_ghatte@spit.ac.in Phone: (022) – 69846900 EXT: 954




Supporting Staff

Mr. Mukund Pawar

Designation :- Clerk
Email Address :- pawarmukund80@gmail.com
Qualification : – B.A


Mr. Vijay Patyane
Designation: Technical Assistant
Qualification: Diploma in Electrical Engineering
Email: vijayane05@yahoo.com



Mr. Jitendra Dongre
Designation: System Support Electronics
Qualification: Diploma (Industrial Electronics), B. Tech. (EXTC)
Email: jitendra.d69@gmail.com



Mrs. Deepali Thombare
Designation: Lab Support
Qualification: Diploma (Industrial Electronics) B.Sc. (IT)
Email: deepayamgar@gmail.com



Mr. Rajendra Balkrishna Kalthe
Qualification- 9th pass
Designation- Lab Attendant