Digital Design & Microprocessor Lab

Lab location: 3rd Floor, Room No. 308 A

Area of the lab in carpet: 54.25 sq. mt
Cost of the equipments in the lab: Rs.

Name of the Lab Incharge:- Prof. N.A. Bhagat

Name of the Technical Asst. : Mrs. Deepali Thombare

The laboratory is well equipped with: CROs, Function Generators, Desktop Digital Multimeterrs, LCR meters, IC testers, in addition to a large number of components for use in designing different types of Electronics circuits on the Bread-board & PCBs. Digital System Designer is also provided for the complex experiments which has inbuilt Power Supply, Digital Inputs, LED Indicators, Clock Signal. The students are using this lab doing their mini projects.

Mechatronics Toolkit, Biomedical Toolkit, NI-ELVIS, MyRIO & Smart Camera along with LabView is available in the lab. This lab also has Virtual Laboratory Setup for Flow Control.

The laboratory is well equipped with: TDS 220 oscillscope, 8085, 8086 trainer kit cum Emulator, DYNA 86LU, 8051 IDE Board, Zigbee Development Kit, MEMS MICRO Heater, driver software, micro processor based interfacing circuit, EPROM erasor, microcontroller trainer kit, Pentium computer, ESA PCT DIDT 48 lines I/O cards, Pinnacle Studio PC TV card, Universal Programmer etc.

Softwares like Orcad, Eagle are installed on each PC. Experiments are performed for courses Microprocessor and Microcontroller.