Analog Circuit Lab

Lab location: 3rd Floor, Room No. 304
Area of the lab in carpet: 55.64 sq. mt

Cost of the equipments in the lab: Rs. Rs. 4,80,934/-

Name of Lab In-charge: Prof. Payal Shah
Name of the Technical Asst. : Mrs. Deepali Thombre

In this laboratory experiments are performed for courses Electronics Circuit and Design I, Electronics Circuit and Design II, Linear Integrated Circuit and analysis.

The laboratory is well equipped with: CROs, Function Generators, Multimeters, LCR meters; Decade resistance/capacitance Box, Inductance Box, Digital System Design Trainer, Components are well organized in the component organizer. Circuit designed by the student as a mini project like Rectifiers, BJT Amplifier and Oscillators, FET Amplifier, Operational amplifiers and their applications.

A large number of components for use in designing different types of Electronics circuits on the Bread-board & PCBs are available in the lab.

PC equipped with various softwares are also allotted for doing the simulation work. Students are also doing the simulation for selective experiments. Laser Printer is also installed to the same PC for taking the printout of the simulation result.