Embedded System Lab

Lab location: 3rd Floor, Room No. 301
Area of the lab in carpet: 54.25 sq. mt
Approximate Cost of the equipments in the lab:  Rs. 33,20,292/-

Name of the Lab Incharge:- Prof.Mrs. Priya Deshpande
Name of the Technical Asst. : Mr. Jitendra Dongre

Embedded System Design is one of the rapidly growing field of Electronics Engineering branch. Keeping this in mind this lab has been developed over the time. Various hard wares and kits are available on which students can perform list of experiments along with mini projects. Students are always encouraged to use lab facilities to learn and develop solutions for daily needs.

The list of hardware in the lab is as follows

  • Spartan 3AN

  • Spartan 6

  • Dynalog 8086 Development board

  • FRDM ARM board

  • LPC 2184

  • 8051 Trainer Kit

  • ARM trainer kit

  • PSOC 4 BLE

  • PSOC 4

  • PSOC 6

  • TMC 123 TIVA C series

  • Zybo Zynq 7000

  • Silicon Lab Giant Gecko EFM

  • Neumatolab Kit

  • MSP 432